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  • Reducing permeability-when slag cement substituted in 25% to 65%, it plays a vital role in reducing permeability in concrete.Thus corrosion resistance will increase
  • Mitigating sulphate attack-slag cement mitigate sulphate attack by reducing permeability,reducing overall amount of tri-calcium aluminates,reacting with excess calcium hydroxide.
  • Mitigating Alhali-Silica reaction -it is the reaction between the alkalis in the portland cement and ciliceous aggregates.In worst incarnation,ASR can cause servere concrete cracking and deterioration.
  • Increasing strength and durability-Calcium silicate Hydrate is responsible for strength development in concrete.

  • Increased corrosion resistance- corrosion resistance is due to reduced rate of permeability of the slag cement concrete.
  • Reduced thermal stress in mass concrete- it is by reducing amount of portland cement,reducing cementitious content,reducing early rate of heat generation

    • Diamond PSC in residential concrete.The durability,versability and beauty odf concrete are increasingly attractive to homebuyers.
    • Producing concrete blocks with slag cement.Diamond PSC consistently enhances certain qualities of concrete block,no matter how it is produced, providing architecturally appealing lighter colour, a finer,tighter surface texture or more swipe etc.
    • Diamond PSC in high performance concrete.
    • Producing pre-cast and pre-stresesd concrete with Diamond PSC
    • Diamond PSC in concrete pavements.
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