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Technical services are guidelines and counsels that Technical Support Department provides to customers. The services include quality checking of raw materials used to do concrete mix and concrete quality, checking working conditions of front work, checking general conditions of plants and machines used in concrete work.
The philosophy that DCL held to provide technical services to our customers is good service with reliability in order to reach satisfaction of our clients.

  1. Testing qualification of concrete and concreting materials
    This technical service is provided to customers who want to control and follow-up quality of raw materials used in production process such as cement, sand, rock, water, and concrete admixture.
  2. Adjusting concrete proportions and testing mixture
    This service was set up to help customers who want to develop new concrete mixtures that can be used efficiently. Besides, it is a way to adjust concrete proportion, which results in reducing the cost of concrete.
  3. Demonstrating proper ways to use DCL's products
    The purpose of this service is to encourage and support DCL’s clients to use the products appropriately and effectively.
  4. Instructing methods for using cement and other construction materials appropriately.
    This service was generated as the result of rapid new developed construction materials in the market. Thus, for the clients and users of DCL to work and use the materials effectively, the technical support team was created.
  5. Advising about concrete work and other particular constructions
    This service assists our clients and our users to cope and work with new technologies that involve with production and construction works systematically and efficiently.
  6. Customer Satisfaction
    Customers can report the problem through customer service at 01755664488 or call directly to sales representative who supervise one account. Customers service team will open your problem to Technical Service Department. After getting information the team physically go to the site with Mobile Concrete Lab and solving problem or satisfied the customer by test in front of customer and regular follow up the customer until satisfaction. To solve the problem, there are three main areas that the technical support team takes into consideration, which are reception, follow up, and solution. With these three areas, recurrent problems will not take place.
  7. Fast Track Technical Service
    Aims to provide fast-track technical information to our customers who are interested in DCL’s product. The product selection and application information will be available along with basic troubleshooting of cement and concrete products. The customer can be reach us by dial 017556644880 or 031611041-3-141.
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