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Specification & Composition

BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM - I, 52.5 N

Clinker                               :   95-100%
Gypsum                             :  0-5%

Benefits of Diamond Extreme

  • Getting High Early Strength
  • Diamond Portland Cement with higher percentage of Tricalcium Silicate (C3S), Dicalcium Silicate(C2S),& Tricalcium Aluminum Ferrice (C4AFe) & exhibit this high early strength. It hardens rapidly and mostly responsible for initial setting time. Diamond PC shortens your project duration & reduces projects cost. Pre-stress work can be done with scheduled project duration.

  • Setting Faster
  • Setting Faster helps to set the concrete quickly even in low temperature & also be during rainy seasons. Presence of Tricalcium Silicate (C3S), Dicalcium Silicate(C2S) & Tricalcium Aluminum Ferrice(C4AFe) in DIAMOND ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT hydrens quickly . It also reduce amount heat generate & getting faster setting on behalf of this unique chemical compositions.

  • Resist Cracking & Shrinkage
  • It is most difficult to control inner temperature of mass concrete between surface temperatures during its hydration process. These unbalanced temperatures may create "Thermal cracks" Diamond Ordinary Portland cement contains unique chemical composition that's why it resist cracking & when proper consistency of concrete maintain at construction level with others additive measures shrinkage can be minimized.


    • High-rise building & Housing developments.
    • industrial and Factory building.
    • Bridge, Culvert ,Flyover ,Runway.
    • Pre-stressed concrete Structures ,Pre-stressed prefabricated applications.
    • Tunnel mold system
    • Reinforced concrete elements& Pretension prefabricated applications
    • Electric Pole.
    • Any type of RCC constructions
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